Mobile Barriers MBT-1®
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“The Perfect Tool” – Mobile Barriers MBT-1
(New Construction Products – Nov/Dec 2015)

Highly Mobile Integrated Protection for Short Term Work Zones
(Modern Contractor – Nov 2014)

Mobile Barriers Enhance Safety, Boost Productivity
(Contractor Business Quarterly – Nov 2014)

Positive Protection: Helping Keep Workers and Motorists Out Of Danger
(ATSSA Signal – Oct 2014)

Keeping Workers Safe & Traffic Moving in the Lone Star State
(Modern Contractor – July 2014)

Big Barriers for Boosting Road Work Safety
(Fleet Owner – July 2014)

Texas Rolls Out Mobile Barriers MBT-1
(Business Wire – July 2014)

Work Zone Safety – Short Duration Work
(Work Zone Safety – June 2014)

Work Zone Safety – Short Duration Work
(Work Zone Safety – June 2014)

Highly Mobile Integrated Protection
(Modern Contractor – May 2014)

Barrier Innovation for Safer Traffic Flow
(World Highways – Mar 2014)

Efficient Highway Work Zone Safety
(World Highways – Mar 2014)

Work Zone Safety Solutions on Busy World Highways
(World Highways – Oct 2013)

NTTA Picks up ARTBA Safety Award
(Buzz on Safety - Sept 2013)

Navigating the 495 Express Lanes
(Modern Contractor - Sept 2013)

Eradicating Work Zone Danger
(World Highways – Jun 2013)

Safer Highway Work Zones
(World Highways - Apr 2013)

Mobile Work Zones
(Modern Contractor - Aug 2012)

CO Guardrail Repair
(Increased Efficiency)

DIY (drive it yourself) Barricade
(Better Roads - Sept 2011)

Mobile Barriers Protects Workers
(NTTA - Jun 2011)

Innovative Mobile Work Zone Barrier on Highway 115 Project
(Modern Contractor - Apr 2011)

Promoting Safety in Road Construction
(Vic Roads - Feb 2011)

Innovative Mobile Work Zone Barrier
(Road Talk - Jan 2011)
Audio Interviews with MTO Engineers
Interview #1 | Transcript for Interview #1
Interview #2 | Transcript for Interview #2

Innovations in Bridge Repair
(Road Talk - Jan 2011)

Analysis of a Emerging Work Zone Protection System
(ASSE – Oct 2010)

Mobile Barriers for Work Zone Protection
(Texas Contractor – Nov 2009)

Caltrans UCDavis AHMCT Visit
MBT-1® June 16, 2009

Presentations & Other Info

AASHTO SOC Presentation 2015

IBTTA Presentation 2015

WOA-AGG Presentation 2015

Work Zone Safety Guidance 2014

AGC-CA Presentation 2014

ASHE Presentation 2014

Intertraffic Presentation 2014

ARTBA ConExpo Presentation 2014

TRB Presentation 2014

IRF Presentation 2013

NAATSHO Presentation 2013

WASHTO Presentation 2013

AASHTO Presentation 2013

ARTBA Presentation 2012

AMOTIA Presentation 2012

Comparison of Mobile Work Zone Barriers

ATSSA Signal Spring 2012

UDOT Scanning Tour

TRB Presentations 2011

TRB Presentation 2010

Liberty Mututal Insurance 2010
(Mobile Barriers MBT-1®)

NCUTCD Presentation 2010

NJDOT Tech Brief

MBT-1® an Integral Part of
CDOT Positive Protection Guidelines
 & Subpart K Compliance

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