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MBT-1 Receives Rare Congressional Letter of Reference

Mobile Barriers MBT-1m Capability statement

MBT-1m Security Defense Applications with Diagrams

Presentation: Mobile Barriers – Highly Mobile Protection MBT-1

Mobile Barriers MBT-1 and MBT-1m are now available through our
Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business affiliate

Mobile Barriers has retained former DSS Special Agents, former FBI Special Agents and former Senior Military Officers, with proven operational experience in hostile environments, to serve as security/defense solution consultants and design advisors for addressing the special needs of the U.S. Military, the State Department and others. With around 1,000,000 lbs (450,000 kg) of shear strength, MBT-1® can stop a car or pickup in a direct 90° impact of at least 45 mph (70 kph). It’s capable of stopping, turning and/or redirecting even more, especially when angled to the approach. Walls are offered in 5, 7 and 9 ft heights (1.5-3m).

Mobile Barriers MBT-1® are located within minutes of Denver (near Buckley AFB), Washington DC (near the Pentagon) and other international airports. Private demonstrations can be arranged at these and other locations.

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