New Tapered Wall Sections and MBT-1S by Mobile Barriers

Golden, Colorado… Mobile Barriers LLC is pleased to introduce new tapered wall sections and a shorter version of its highly mobile MBT-1 barriers.

The new tapered wall sections provide work crews full lane access with only 6 inches (15 cm) of incursion on the adjoining lane. The sections can be used with new and existing barriers.

The new shorter version (“MBT-1S”) has a shorter platform assembly designed for use with a single axle rear-end and single axle tractor. It can be used with the original or new tapered wall sections.

Mobile Barriers MBT-1® was developed to help improve work zone conditions for workers and the public. It is in essence a portable, self contained, work zone that simply drives in place much like a semi-truck, and then leaves as quickly when done. It is designed to provide a safer, better work environment for workers, and minimize disruption, improve traffic flows and reopen lanes more quickly for the public.

“There’s no better way to reduce work zone accidents and improve conditions for everyone than to safely complete the work as quickly as possible and reopen the roadway to normal traffic flow,” earlier commented John Barton, TxDOT’s then Deputy Executive Director.

“Working in live traffic is an increasing challenge for work crews. For the public, trying to get through and past work zones can be both frustrating and hazardous,” noted Kevin Groeneweg, CEO of Mobile Barriers. “The tapered wall sections are designed to further minimize disruption to passing traffic while providing crews with full lane access, and the new MBT-1S helps fill a shorter niche where preferred.”

Mobile Barriers MBT-1® has received increasing national and international accolades for improving safety, efficiency and traffic flows in and around work zones. Barriers typically come complete with power, work lights, signage and attenuator, and can be outfitted with cranes, hot boxes, mixers and other equipment to help further simplify and speed tasks.

Mobile Barriers MBT-1s Specifications Sheet
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