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Developmental History of "Highly Mobile Barriers"
"Why are crash test standards so important? MASH certified roadside equipment and barriers provide state-of-the-art safety for road users. Without speed-appropriate barriers between live traffic and work zones (i.e. Positive Protection), both drivers & roadside workers face increased risk of serious injury or death from errant drivers. In addition, Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) requires all new road safety hardware utilized on a federal aid eligible roadway to be tested using testing criteria reported in MASH.[6]"

FHWA Final Rule: Promoting Innovation in Use of Patented and Proprietary Products
"The FHWA is revising its regulations to provide greater flexibility for States to use proprietary or patented materials in Federal-aid highway projects. This final rule rescinds the requirements limiting the use of Federal funds in paying for patented or proprietary materials, specifications, or processes specified in project plans and specifications, thus encouraging innovation in transportation technology and methods."

FHWA Repeals 103-Year-Old Regulation That Banned Patented Materials in Construction
"This week, the Federal Highway Administration formally lifted a 103-year-old regulation that has banned the use of patented or proprietary materials in federal-aid highway projects... FHWA Administrator Nicole Nason added 'This final rule promotes innovation by empowering states to choose which state-of-the-art materials, tools, and products best meet their needs for the construction and upkeep of America’s transportation infrastructure.'"

FHWA Overhauls 103 Year Old Proprietary Product Rule
"The U.S. Department of Transportation’s Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) published an updated federal rule to give states more flexibility and choice in which products or services can be used on federally funded highway projects. The change is intended to improve safety and increase efficiency while saving taxpayer dollars."

Work Zone Barriers: An Online Guide to Reducing Work Zone Intrusions Using Positive Protection
A new online guide to reducing work zone accidents using positive protection barriers.

Illinois Tollway Discusses the MBT-1
Illinois Tollway, July 2019 - Illinois Tollway Spotlights Innovative Work Zone Safety Barrier.

picture_as_pdf World Highways Feature on Mobile Barriers MBT-1
World Highways Magazine, June 2019 - Discussing the MBT-1 in use in the UK.

picture_as_pdf ARTBA’s testimony on "Every Life Counts: Improving the Safety of our Nation's Roadways," provided to the House Highways & Transit Subcommittee of the Transportation & Infrastructure Committee.
April 2019 - "Today, much of America’s basic road safety strategy is aimed at reducing human error. Most federal efforts focus on reducing the number of crashes by improving motorists' behavior, including the interaction of drivers with pedestrians, cyclists, large trucks and other motorists. ARTBA believes we must turn that premise around by accepting the fact that some motorists will inevitably make mistakes. Too often they pay for their mistakes with their lives – or the lives of innocent bystanders. We have the technology and 'know how' to build our roadway system to anticipate user error. It can be designed, constructed, equipped, and operated to forgive the errant user and protect the innocent victim."

picture_as_pdf Stopping the Red Tape Affecting Workzone Safety.
LHSFNA Magazine, April 2019 - Mobile Barriers featured in LHSFNA Magazine

picture_as_pdf New Federal Funding for Positive Barrier in Work Zones.
SCCA Magazine, April 2019 - FHWA has announced a new policy that will allow state DOTs to acquire highway safety equipment with federal funds.

Drive Simulation & Professional Software Available.
American Truck Simulator, Transoft AutoTURN, and Autodesk AutoCAD and Vehicle Tracking.

picture_as_pdf Portable Positive Protection Guidance
A Guide for Short Duration and Short Term Work Zones. Based on Material Developed by ATSSA for the FHWA Work Zone Safety Grant Program.

MB Recommends Shadow Stretching Adjusting to Heavier Traffic (Roads & Bridges, June 2016).
Mobile Barriers recommends use of a heavy in-lane shadow vehicle or blocker (eg a dump truck loaded to around 50,000 lbs with signage and TMA) 300’/100m behind the MBT-1® where heavy commercial vehicles comprise a high proportion of prevailing traffic..

picture_as_pdf AGC Survey: Over 50% of Highway Contractors Experience Work Zone Crashes
2018. "Over Half of Highway Contractors Experience Work Zone Crashes, AGC Survey Finds A national survey of 550 highway contractors conducted by the Associated General Contractors of America found that 54 percent of them said motor vehicles crashed into their construction work zones during the past year. On top of that, 48 percent of contractors who experienced work zone crashes reported injuries to either motor vehicle operators or passengers, while 24 percent of those crashes involved a driver or passenger fatality."

picture_as_pdf Crane and Bucket for Mobile Barriers MBT-1®
World Highways – Sept 2017. "The crane enables work crews to conduct activities such as guard rail and crash cusion replacement efficiently in a safe environment. This reduces the need for additional safety assets, cuts down operational times onsite and minimises lane closures. The barrier can also be rapidly deployed as an incident management device. The high walls of the MBT-1® minimises the 'rubbernecking' that occurs when motorists drive past incident scenes, often creating secondary incidents."

picture_as_pdf The Hard Truth About Soft Costs in Highway Work Zones
March 2017. "The hard truth is that ignoring soft costs could be the most expensive mistake ever made. It could mean the difference between life and death for highway workers and the traveling public. It could mean the infliction of intense suffering for workers and motorists who incur debilitating injuries from work zone accidents that could’ve been prevented. It could mean hours of unnecessary traffic congestion and delays for drivers and their passengers, because soft costs were deemed unimportant. Soft costs are real. Disregarding them as unnecessary or inconvenient could result in damages that far exceed the money spent for a short-term highway maintenance and repair project. As evidenced by a recent California jury verdict against CalTrans for $59.2 million arising from a work zone injury case, there’s simply no excuse for overlooking them."

picture_as_pdf Contractors: It's Smart to Speak Up - Or It May Cost You Big
March 2017. "Two recent California jury verdicts have confirmed what we all know is true: Contractors, it’s smart to speak up – or your company may be facing millions in damages. When faced with safety issues, or when there is a lack of positive protection in a work zone, demand the necessary safety measures that will save lives and eliminate injuries..."

picture_as_pdf Profile: Mobile Barriers MBT-1®
Modern Contractor Solutions – Nov 2016

picture_as_pdf Mobile Barriers: Helping Save Lives
WSDOT Mobile Barrier Hit – Sept 2016. "Thankfully no one was hurt when an out-of-control vehicle crashed into a mobile barrier and not the crew replacing concrete panels on the highway. The driver was arrested and charged with 32 counts of reckless endangerment, one charge for each person working on the highway that night, and DUI."

TxDot Facebook Post and Comments
Fort Worth Crews using MBT-1® – July 2016. "Fort WOrth District maintenance crews are taking advantage of the latest safety tool - our mobile barrier. The district was one of the first to use the mobile barrier at TxDOT as part of a pilot program . The pilot program was a huge success, so TxDOT purchased mobile barriers to be used in other areas. The mobile barrier is made of high grade steel which allows crews to set up an operation for a short time, make the repair, then move to another repair site."

picture_as_pdf Solving the Work Zone Intrusion Problem
LHSFNA – Apr 2016

picture_as_pdf Blame vs Protection
Modern Contractor Solutions – Jun 2015. "Last year, more than 32,000 people lost their lives in motor vehicle accidents. Hundreds of thousands more were involved in accidents. In highway construction work zone areas, thousands of fatalities and injuries are reported on an annual basis. While much of the focus in work zones has been on the loss of life or seious injuries for the workers themselves, a recent study by The Associated General Contractors of America (AGC) shows that the traveling public is also at great risk; nine out of ten work zone accidents involve the traveling public. With the significant impact of work zone accidents on motorists and passengers, the question arises as to whether State DOTs are doing all they can to save lives and eliminate injuries."

picture_as_pdf States & Safety
Modern Contractor Solutions – May 2015.

picture_as_pdf FHWA & MAP21
Modern Contractor Solutions – Mar 2015.

picture_as_pdf Road User Costs
Modern Contractor Solutions – Feb 2015. "If maintenance operations are planned for an interstate with an ADT greater than or equal to 60,000 vpd, it would be better to conduct the work during non-peak periods and protect workers with a mobile barrier system so that the lanes could be returned to vehicle use during peak hours. Likewise, significant road user costs for two and three remaining lanes open begin to occur at 120,000 vpd and 180,000 vpd, respectively. Overall, the information in Table 1 shows that road user costs are important to consider with maintenance operations."

picture_as_pdf “The Perfect Tool” – Mobile Barriers MBT-1®
New Construction Products – Nov/Dec 2015. "The MBT-1® has proven particularly efficient for various types of work where protection has not traditionally been practical and where setup/breakdown has sometimes taken longer than the work itself. In some instances, crews are doing in one night what had otherwise taken three to five. In the DC area, crews have cut the time for certain types of ongoing work by 66 percent, with better response times and productivity. In Colorado, crews have replaced 42 sticks of guardrail in the time it normally takes to do six to eight (one night). On Staten Island, they replaced bridge rail in half the anticipated time. In each case, the barrier is simply driven to site, and from site to site, as needed. These and other projects such as chip seal, pothole repairs, slab replacement, ITS installations and maintenance, as well as bridge and tunnel work (bridge joint, bridge deck, tunnel maintenance and repairs), often involve discrete work areas and multiple locations in a given day or night. For such work, the barrier is particularly useful and what has been called “cheap insurance.” The barrier has stopped a direct rear impact without damage (only the TMA needed be replaced). On two occasions, the MBT-1® has turned and safely redirected semi-trucks with only nominal damage."

picture_as_pdf Caltrans deploys Mobile Barriers MBT-1®
MBT-1® used for ongoing road and bridge work – Dec 2014. "The California Department of Transportation (Caltrans) in the USA has deployed Mobile Barriers MBT-1® for ongoing road and bridge work in a bid to improve safety and efficiency of crews."

picture_as_pdf Highly Mobile Integrated Protection for Short Term Work Zones
Modern Contractor – Nov 2014

picture_as_pdf Mobile Barriers Enhance Safety, Boost Productivity
ENR Contractor Business Quarterly – Nov 2014

picture_as_pdf Positive Protection: Helping Keep Workers and Motorists Out Of Danger
ATSSA Signal – Oct 2014

picture_as_pdf Keeping Workers Safe & Traffic Moving in the Lone Star State
Modern Contractor – July 2014

picture_as_pdf Big Barriers for Boosting Road Work Safety
Fleet Owner – July 2014

picture_as_pdf Texas Rolls Out Mobile Barriers MBT-1®
Business Wire – July 2014

picture_as_pdf Work Zone Safety – Short Duration Work
Work Zone Safety – June 2014

picture_as_pdf Work Zone Safety – Short Duration Work
Work Zone Safety – June 2014

picture_as_pdf Highly Mobile Integrated Protection
Modern Contractor – May 2014

picture_as_pdf 45% Contractors have Workzone Incursions
AGC of America – Apr 2014

picture_as_pdf Efficient Highway Work Zone Safety
World Highways – Mar 2014

picture_as_pdf Work Zone Intrusions Threaten Safety
LHSFNA – Jan 2014

picture_as_pdf Work Zone Safety Solutions on Busy World Highways
World Highways – Oct 2013
Shortly after publication, the MBT-1® barrier featured in this article was hit from the rear at high speed preventing an errant vehicle from crossing directly through a work zone. Everyone was OK and the barrier was fine. Within a couple days, the barrier was back on the job with a new TMA. We know many of the people that work behind the barrier and are most happy that they (as well as the errant driver) remained safe.

picture_as_pdf NTTA Picks up ARTBA Safety Award
Buzz on Safety - Sept 2013

picture_as_pdf Navigating the 495 Express Lanes
Modern Contractor - Sept 2013

picture_as_pdf Eradicating Work Zone Danger
World Highways – Jun 2013

picture_as_pdf Safer Highway Work Zones
World Highways - Apr 2013

picture_as_pdf Mobile Work Zones
Modern Contractor - Aug 2012

Mobile Barriers MBT-1® Redirects Two Errant Semi Trucks
March 2012. "The Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT) reports that their Mobile Barriers MBT-1® was hit by semi trucks on two separate occasions as they drifted into the work zone. Both semi trucks were turned and redirected without incident."

picture_as_pdf Case Study for Highly Efficient & Cost Effective Guardrail Maintenance
"With Mobile Barriers MBT-1®, there is no need for the separate light plants, generator, truck and trailer to haul rail and post, or air compressor, as these are all provided and carried on-board. As repairs are completed, the trailer (the entire work zone) is simple driven forward, thus allowing 42 plus pieces of rail to be replaced in the same 8 hour lane closure. What would otherwise have been a week of lane closures, equipment and labor costs, safety exposure, and traffic congestion, was completed in one night. Similar safety and cost saving efficiencies can be applied to concrete bridge deck slab replacements, concrete barrier and bridge rail repairs, bridge inspections, roadway repairs, ITS maintenance and other activities."

picture_as_pdf DIY (drive it yourself) Barricade
Better Roads - Sept 2011

picture_as_pdf Mobile Barriers Protects Workers
NTTA - Jun 2011

picture_as_pdf Innovative Mobile Work Zone Barrier on Highway 115 Project
Modern Contractor - Apr 2011

picture_as_pdf Promoting Safety in Road Construction
Vic Roads - Feb 2011

picture_as_pdf Innovative Mobile Work Zone Barrier
Road Talk - Jan 2011
Audio Interviews with MTO Engineers
Interview #1 | Transcript for Interview #1
Interview #2 | Transcript for Interview #2

picture_as_pdf Innovations in Bridge Repair
Road Talk - Jan 2011

picture_as_pdf CDOT Guidelines for Use of Positive Protection in Work Zones
Colorado Department of Transportation - 2010. "These guidelines address the use of positive protection devices in work zones to supplement the Policy Directive Work Zone Safety and Mobility Policy 805.0 and comply with the Federal Highway Administration Final Rule Subpart K to CFR Part 630."

picture_as_pdf Analysis of a Emerging Work Zone Protection System
ASSE – Oct 2010

picture_as_pdf Mobile Barriers for Work Zone Protection
Texas Contractor – Nov 2009

picture_as_pdf Caltrans UCDavis AHMCT Visit
MBT-1 June 16, 2009