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"Improving Safety, Efficiency & Traffic Flows In & Around Work Zones"®

Drive Simulation & Professional Software Available.
American Truck Simulator, Transoft AutoTURN, and Autodesk AutoCAD and Vehicle Tracking.

picture_as_pdf Portable Positive Protection Guidance
A Guide for Short Duration and Short Term Work Zones. Based on Material Developed by ATSSA for the FHWA Work Zone Safety Grant Program.

MB Recommends Shadow Stretching Adjusting to Heavier Traffic (Roads & Bridges, June 2016).
Mobile Barriers recommends use of a heavy in-lane shadow vehicle or blocker (eg a dump truck loaded to around 50,000 lbs with signage and TMA) 300’/100m behind the MBT-1 where heavy commercial vehicles comprise a high proportion of prevailing traffic..

picture_as_pdf Crane and Bucket for Mobile Barriers MBT-1
World Highways – Sept 2017

picture_as_pdf Profile: Mobile Barriers MBT-1
Modern Contractor Solutions – Nov 2016

picture_as_pdf Mobile Barriers: Helping Save Lives
WSDOT Mobile Barrier Hit – Sept 2016

TxDot Facebook Post and Comments
Fort Worth Crews using MBT-1 – July 2016

picture_as_pdf Solving the Work Zone Intrusion Problem
LHSFNA – Apr 2016

picture_as_pdf Blame vs Protection
Modern Contractor Solutions – Jun 2015

picture_as_pdf States & Safety
Modern Contractor Solutions – May 2015

picture_as_pdf FHWA & MAP21
Modern Contractor Solutions – Mar 2015

picture_as_pdf Road User Costs
Modern Contractor Solutions – Feb 2015

picture_as_pdf “The Perfect Tool” – Mobile Barriers MBT-1
New Construction Products – Nov/Dec 2015

picture_as_pdf Caltrans deploys Mobile Barriers MBT-1
MBT-1 used for ongoing road and bridge work – Dec 2014

picture_as_pdf Highly Mobile Integrated Protection for Short Term Work Zones
Modern Contractor – Nov 2014

picture_as_pdf Mobile Barriers Enhance Safety, Boost Productivity
ENR Contractor Business Quarterly – Nov 2014

picture_as_pdf Positive Protection: Helping Keep Workers and Motorists Out Of Danger
ATSSA Signal – Oct 2014

picture_as_pdf Keeping Workers Safe & Traffic Moving in the Lone Star State
Modern Contractor – July 2014

picture_as_pdf Big Barriers for Boosting Road Work Safety
Fleet Owner – July 2014

picture_as_pdf Texas Rolls Out Mobile Barriers MBT-1
Business Wire – July 2014

picture_as_pdf Work Zone Safety – Short Duration Work
Work Zone Safety – June 2014

picture_as_pdf Work Zone Safety – Short Duration Work
Work Zone Safety – June 2014

picture_as_pdf Highly Mobile Integrated Protection
Modern Contractor – May 2014

picture_as_pdf 45% Contractors have Workzone Incursions
AGC of America – Apr 2014

picture_as_pdf Efficient Highway Work Zone Safety
World Highways – Mar 2014

picture_as_pdf Work Zone Intrusions Threaten Safety
LHSFNA – Jan 2014

picture_as_pdf Work Zone Safety Solutions on Busy World Highways
World Highways – Oct 2013
Shortly after publication, the MBT-1 barrier featured in this article was hit from the rear at high speed preventing an errant vehicle from crossing directly through a work zone. Everyone was OK and the barrier was fine. Within a couple days, the barrier was back on the job with a new TMA. We know many of the people that work behind the barrier and are most happy that they (as well as the errant driver) remained safe.

picture_as_pdf NTTA Picks up ARTBA Safety Award
Buzz on Safety - Sept 2013

picture_as_pdf Navigating the 495 Express Lanes
Modern Contractor - Sept 2013

picture_as_pdf Eradicating Work Zone Danger
World Highways – Jun 2013

picture_as_pdf Safer Highway Work Zones
World Highways - Apr 2013

picture_as_pdf Mobile Work Zones
Modern Contractor - Aug 2012

picture_as_pdf CO Guardrail Repair
Increased Efficiency

picture_as_pdf DIY (drive it yourself) Barricade
Better Roads - Sept 2011

picture_as_pdf Mobile Barriers Protects Workers
NTTA - Jun 2011

picture_as_pdf Innovative Mobile Work Zone Barrier on Highway 115 Project
Modern Contractor - Apr 2011

picture_as_pdf Promoting Safety in Road Construction
Vic Roads - Feb 2011

picture_as_pdf Innovative Mobile Work Zone Barrier
Road Talk - Jan 2011
Audio Interviews with MTO Engineers
Interview #1 | Transcript for Interview #1
Interview #2 | Transcript for Interview #2

picture_as_pdf Innovations in Bridge Repair
Road Talk - Jan 2011

picture_as_pdf Analysis of a Emerging Work Zone Protection System
ASSE – Oct 2010

picture_as_pdf Mobile Barriers for Work Zone Protection
Texas Contractor – Nov 2009

picture_as_pdf Caltrans UCDavis AHMCT Visit
MBT-1 June 16, 2009