Mobile Barriers MBT-1® Drivability

"Improving Safety, Efficiency & Traffic Flows In & Around Work Zones"®

Comparison Illustration of Swept Paths for Mobile Barriers MBT-1 measuring 63 feet in length and Standard Semi-Trailer measuring 53 feet in length.
Comparison of Swept Paths for Mobile Barriers MBT-1® (62 ft length) and Standard Semi-Trailer (53 ft length)

Mobile Barriers MBT-1® is commonly used with a cabover or daycab tractor with 60 inches [1.5 m] of swing clearance and pulls fully set up at speed from site to site. The MBT-1® is usually configured at 62 feet [18.9 m] to 82 feet [25 m].

The standard legal length semi-trailer in the USA measures 53 feet [16.2 m]. Configured at 62 feet [18.9 m] (using 1 wall section), the MBT-1® drives similar to a semi-trailer.

AutoCAD Vehicle Tracking and Transoft AutoTurn swept path analysis model files are available upon request by contacting us. Drive simulator availabe from American Truck Simulator by SCS Software.

MBT-1® Manuevering In Action

MBT-1 at Work in Auckland, New Zealand

Video of Mobile Barriers MBT-1® maneuvering and protecting workers while inspecting guard rail damage and conducting cable barrier repeairs in New Zealand. The work zone crew is isolated from live traffic. Video Courtesy of Fulton Hogan and New Zealand Transport Agency (NZTA) at the Auckland Motorway Alliance (AMA).

Short Term Work Zone Video

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