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picture_as_pdf NCUTCD / MUTCD Presentation
Comparison drawings with and without Mobile Barriers MBT-1® .

Guidance & Recommendations

Advantages of MBT-1® Over Cones
Positive protection provides serparation and helps prevent longitudinal and lateral crashes into work zones.

Work Zone Barriers: An Online Guide to Reducing Work Zone Intrusions Using Positive Protection
A new online guide to reducing work zone accidents using positive protection barriers. Discussing positive protection benefits, work zone crash data, applications, and funding.

picture_as_pdf Portable Positive Protection Guidance
A Guide for Short Duration and Short Term Work Zones. Based on Material Developed by ATSSA for the FHWA Work Zone Safety Grant Program.

picture_as_pdf MB Recommends Shadow Stretching Adjusting to Heavier Traffic (Roads & Bridges, June 2016).
Mobile Barriers recommends use of a heavy in-lane shadow vehicle or blocker (eg a dump truck loaded to around 50,000 lbs with signage and TMA) 300’/100m behind the MBT-1 where heavy commercial vehicles comprise a high proportion of prevailing traffic..

MUTCD Drawings

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Swept Path Analysis

Comparison Illustration of Swept Paths for Mobile Barriers MBT-1 measuring 63 feet in length and Standard Semi-Trailer measuring 53 feet in length.
Comparison of Swept Paths for Mobile Barriers MBT-1® (62 ft length) and Standard Semi-Trailer (53 ft length)

Mobile Barriers MBT-1® is commonly used with a cabover or daycab tractor with 60 inches [1.5 m] of swing clearance and pulls fully set up at speed from site to site. The MBT-1® is usually configured at 62 feet [18.9 m] to 82 feet [25 m].

The standard legal length semi-trailer in the USA measures 53 feet [16.2 m]. Configured at 62 feet [18.9 m] (using 1 wall section), the MBT-1® drives similar to a semi-trailer.

AutoCAD Vehicle Tracking and Transoft AutoTurn swept path analysis model files are available upon request by contacting us. Drive simulator availabe from American Truck Simulator by SCS Software.