MUTCD Drawings & Guidance

"Improving Safety, Efficiency & Traffic Flows In & Around Work Zones"®

MUTCD Presentation

picture_as_pdf NCUTCD / MUTCD Presentation
Comparison drawings with and without Mobile Barriers MBT-1® .

picture_as_pdf Florida Drawings

Guidance & Recommendations

picture_as_pdf Portable Positive Protection Guidance
A Guide for Short Duration and Short Term Work Zones. Based on Material Developed by ATSSA for the FHWA Work Zone Safety Grant Program.

picture_as_pdf MB Recommends Shadow Stretching Adjusting to Heavier Traffic (Roads & Bridges, June 2016).
Mobile Barriers recommends use of a heavy in-lane shadow vehicle or blocker (eg a dump truck loaded to around 50,000 lbs with signage and TMA) 300’/100m behind the MBT-1 where heavy commercial vehicles comprise a high proportion of prevailing traffic..

MUTCD Drawings

Other Drawings

Swept Path Analysis

Swept Path Analysis – Work Zone Arrival-Departure* [0.7MB]:

Swept Path Analysis – 300’ Cloverleaf/Fixed Axle* [0.7MB]:

* Swept Path Analysis & Turn Radius available though AutoTurn software by Transoft Solutions Swept Path analysis model files for fixed and steerable rear axles available upon request for Transoft AutoTURN and Autodesk Vehicle Tracking.