Mobile Barriers MBT-1® Redirects Two Semi-Trucks

The Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT) reports that their Mobile Barriers MBT-1® redirected semi-trucks on two separate occasions as the vehicles drifted into the work zone. Both semi-trucks were turned and redirected without incident.

The first semi-truck impacted the MBT-1® toward the rear. The semi-truck was redirected and drove on without stopping. The second semi-truck impacted at the very rear of the barrier, on the side panel protecting the rear axles. It involved fairly heavy contact, but likewise cleanly redirected and ran down and off the wall. The second semi-truck stopped and reported the incident but was also able to thereafter proceed on its way.

In both cases, the MBT-1® protected the work zone without lateral movement and helped avert what could have been far worse incidents. As noted, both trucks redirected and ran cleanly down the length of the wall before exiting. One of the trucks clipped the mirror of the tractor pulling the barrier. ODOT noted it may be beneficial to park the tractor angled slightly toward the work zone, minimizing the chance of contact as errant vehicles run by off the wall. The barrier sustained only minor damage to the paint and the beacon post nearest the tractor. Photos of the barrier after the incidents are provided below, courtesy of ODOT, Nicholas Tymvios.

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