Kier & UK Highways discuss bringing Mobile Barriers MBT-1® to the UK.

Transcript: Kier & UK Highways discuss bringing Mobile Barriers to the UK.

"So what we're looking at here is the Mobile Barrier trailer which has been imported from America to protect our workforce from side-impact for working in Central Reserve Works and also for Nearside Works, working on live playing incidents and repairs of their network.

The Mobile Barrier we've brought into the UK to solve the problem of leaving cones to be the main protection for road workers as they work on a high-speed road. We're trying to do lots more of our work while still allowing customers to use the motorways or the roads (that we're working on alongside them with).

The Mobile Barrier is designed so that we can get in there as quickly as possible, get the work done as quickly as possible, in a safe environment for the workers, but also protect the drivers as they drive alongside those workers, and then get that vehicle out of there as fast as possible.

It can be switched from nearside or outside: so you move the truck from the front of the vehicle, and you bring the crash cushion from the rear, and replace that, and then it swaps over to nearside or outside.

The driver is in the safe environment of the cab so he doesn't have to get out of the vehicle. So there's no risk from drivers; that's the main thing: the safety of our guys in working on the live lanes (the incursion of vehicles coming in and hitting those guys in the Central Reserve or the nearside carriageways).

So it's helping the safety of wage workers. It's allowing them to concentrate on the work that they've got to do and get it finished as quickly as possible. But it's actually helping customers as well because the faster we can get that done, the safer we can get that done, and get out of the way, the easier their journeys will be as well.

There's going to be two in this year and hopefully that will increase over the next couple of years.

The speed that we get the works out: I think it's going to halve the amount of time that it will take to get the repairs coming out."